How to Join DPR

It’s great that you’d like to join us.  If you haven’t already tried us out please do so – you can join us on a Tuesday evening at 7.30pm for three runs before you would need to pay a membership fee – just fill out this brief form on the contact us page to let us know you’re coming.

Otherwise here’s the information about joining our club.

Membership Types

We have different types of membership depending on your circumstances.

  • All new Senior and new Intermediate membership includes England Athletic affiliation (£15), Club t-shirt or vest and one off admin fee (£20).
  • All renewal Senior and Intermediate membership includes England Athletic affiliation (£15).
  • Concession category is for people out of work, retired or in full time education (please provide evidence).
  • Long distance category is for people who have moved 10 miles or more from our Dulwich club house and cannot attend club sessions but would like to represent DPR at races and attend social events.
  • Junior membership does not include Shirts – these can be bought separately .
  • Social Membership is for non-runners, friends and family who still want to be kept up to date with club News and attend social events.

DPR is affiliated to England Athletics. Individual membership of England Athletics (included when you join DPR as a senior, long distance or intermediate member) gives you a 10% discount in many running shops and a small reduction in race entry fees. There is more detail of the benefits of joining on the England Athletics website.

Membership Fees

The membership fees below are based on a full year’s membership which runs from 1 April to 31 March. If you join as a senior member part way through the year you will be given a pro-rata discount. Please speak to our membership secretary if you have any questions.

New members

  • Senior (18+) £77
  • Senior (18+) Concession £52
  • Senior (18+) Long Distance £47
  • Intermediate (16-17) £47
  • Junior (7-15) & Pre-Junior (0-6) £5
  • Social (18+) £5


  • Senior (18+) £57
  • Senior (18+) Concession £32
  • Senior (18+) Long Distance £27
  • Intermediate Renewal (16-17) £27
  • Junior (7-15) & Pre-Junior (0-6) £5
  • Social (18+) £5

Please also take a look at our club rules and our data protection and privacy policy (links open in new tabs).

Once you’ve read all that please fill out our membership form which you’ll find when you click the link below.