Our Runners

Here’s some information about a few of our runners.

Emma, member since 2012

I joined Dulwich Park Runners in 2012 after completing the club’s Autumn Beginners’ Course that took me from a non-runner to being able to complete 5 miles. Since then I regularly run twice during the week with the club as well as at the weekend with fellow members. From initially not being able to run 1 lap of Dulwich Park without stopping I have now completed multiple half and full marathons as well as achieved PBs at shorter distances, none of which would have been possible without the support of DPR. The club has a really strong sense of community and through running and club social events I have made many friends and continue to improve my running year on year.


Rachel, member since 2019

I joined the Beginners’ Course after several miserable attempts at C25K. Not only did the course exceed my expectations, I truly believe it has transformed me from someone who’s best hope was to ‘jog’ 5km every couple of weeks, into someone who has completed 15 park-runs, runs 5+ miles twice a week and, alongside my fellow course ‘graduates’, has proudly completed my first 10km. I couldn’t have wished for better support both during and after the course and have met some fabulous people along to the way to enjoy post-run coffees. Don’t hesitate to take the leap and change the way you see running! 

Emma, member since 2019

I joined Dulwich Park Runners in May 2019 having just deferred a place in the London marathon until 2020. I hoped that joining a friendly local club would help to motivate and inspire me to keep running and prepare me for the mammoth training task ahead – and it certainly has! Nearly a year in, I am so much fitter and faster than I was and I have developed a love for running that I never expected to. With a young family, I don’t make it to many of the weekend racing events but I really look forward to the weekly runs on a Tuesday night and I love the club’s 2-mile handicap race which takes place once a month. I would highly recommend the club to anyone looking to improve their running, to increase their enjoyment of the sport, and to meet friendly like-minded people.


David, member since 2009

I joined the club about 10 years ago. Despite having run all my life it was joining DPR that gave me the commitment to remain fit throughout the year, every year.

Lucy, member since 2017

I started running about 6 years before joining the Club but I felt like being a bit more sociable in my running and thought all the different types of events that they did sounded fun.  Within a couple of months of joining I was thoroughly hooked, joining the Thursday Improvers sessions, taking part in Ladies Cross Country events, Club Championships and the social events too.  I also found a new competitive streak within me that I hadn’t realised existed and managed to knock 8 minutes off my half marathon PB and 4 minutes off my 10k PB only 4 months later.  Last year I was lucky enough to receive a place to run the London Marathon through the Club and am still enjoying being fully involved in Club activities.


Emma, member since 2015

I took the brilliant Beginners Course in 2015, simply thinking I could find a flexible (and cheap!) way of keeping fit (aged 51). I had never run before and little did I know that this was going to be the gateway to a whole new, enjoyable and transformational world of running. What makes DPR special is the friendship and support, whatever your level or experience of running. With DPR, I have achieved things that I did not think I was capable of, or even thought that I wanted to do! Seven half marathons and one London Marathon later, trail runs (in snow and sunshine) and running on holiday (including in Chile, Brazil, Italy, Brazil). I am definitely hooked and can’t imagine life without DPR and DPR friends.