Weekly Club Runs

The club offers a range of weekly running opportunities.

Tuesday Nights

Tuesday night is the principal club night. Come along and we’ll help you choose a group to run with at a suitable pace and distance.

We usually begin with club notices, followed by a quick warm up and a short ‘social’ jog, after which we break into different groups at a suitable pace for a run that usually lasts up to an hour.  Each week we rotate through a number of pre-arranged routes of varying distance.  These routes are available here for you to use at any time.

Adopting a routine of running on Tuesday nights helps you improve your fitness and as we run together in groups you’ll soon get to know other members of the club.

The Dulwich Dash

The first Tuesday of each month features the long-standing Dulwich Dash (previously called the Handicap), an opportunity to really challenge yourself and test your stamina and speed in a lung-busting 2-mile race around the streets of Dulwich.

The interesting part?  Runners start at different times, with quicker ones starting last so everyone is in with the chance of winning that month’s race.

Points are awarded each month based on your finishing position and these count towards an annual trophy. Over the course of the year seemingly insurmountable leads can disappear as starting times are adjusted each month. And there are sometimes a few surprise prizes too!

Once you’ve recovered your breath we decamp to a nearby hostelry in Dulwich Village or Lordship Lane for some well-earned refuelling.

Thursday Nights: Speed or Hill Sessions

So you want to get faster, stronger and develop your stamina? Excellent. For those running 10 miles per week or more, there are Thursday evening coached sessions. We either run on the track at Dulwich College, or suitable local hills or street circuits, to work on a series of repeats at different speeds and distances. Generally the sessions are designed to co-ordinate with any races which the club may be promoting, with short speedwork tending to be in the summer, and longer speedwork, strength and endurance sessions for the rest of the year. We practice running technique and there is on-going technical advice during the run part of the sessions. The sessions are prepared on a two-monthly basis and are designed for anyone regularly running 10+ miles a week upwards, with variations to suit different levels of ability and experience so that you can find your own level and work from there. Because of the wide range of paces, there is no active competition between those taking part.

Sunday Mornings and other Club Runs

Members often meet on Sunday mornings in Dulwich Park usually around 9.30am. This is a social run followed by coffee.
Joining a club provides additional opportunities for members to arrange to run together informally at times of their own choosing.  Members often simply buddy up with another member to motivate each other to run at other times during the week.
It’s one of the great benefits of joining DPR, knowing you can arrange to meet up with someone for a run.

If you like the sound of our events, why not pop along and come for a run with us on a Tuesday or Sunday and see what you think. Just let us know you’re coming and we’ll see you there!