Beginners Courses

The next course starts in September 2024.

Please do not apply for the course until we post further details in August 2024


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Would you like to start running?  Are you an absolute beginner?  Or are you  perhaps returning after injury or a long absence?  Or do you have just a little running experience but wish to progress? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then the Beginners’ course is the ideal course for you. 

Or are you already confident at 5k, and want to progress? 

If yes, then our 5k-5miles course will help you do that.

 You may already have heard about ‘couch to 5k’ programmes but the DPR beginners’ course beats them all.

Following a simple but proven approach, you discover the joy of running by developing a simple weekly routine, with the main group sessions taking place at either 8.00am or 9.00am on eight consecutive Saturday mornings in Dulwich Park.

The 5k-5miles course follows a similar routine, starting at 10.00am on five consecutive Saturdays and is suitable for those who are already running.

You are guided by expert coaches who provide advice, motivation and a simple and easily understandable schedule, and you are accompanied on the Saturday morning runs by a number of DPR members.

The courses are truly transformational. Over several years they have given new or returning runners the confidence to continue on their own, to join the club, or simply reach a point where the thought of running seems less daunting and more enjoyable.

Lots of our members completed these remarkable programmes and many comment not just on how they radically improved their fitness but also on how they formed new friendships, and met like-minded people with whom they can carry on running (and socialising). And some have even gone on to run a marathon.

If you are already a member of DPR and wish to do/repeat either course please complete the sign up form and submit but no need to make the payment. The courses are normally free to members if they have been a member for 6 months or if they joined the club after completing the previous beginners’ course .

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the next courses? 

The next courses starts on 9th March 2024.

Who are the courses for? 

The beginners course is suitable for absolute beginners and runners returning after injury or a long absence.  If you have a little running experience this may also be suitable should you wish to progress.

If you are already confident at 5k, and want to progress, then our 5k-5miles course will help you to do that.

What Do The Courses Cost? 

£40 for the entire 8-week course.

£25 for the 5 week course (5k to 5 miles)

When do they take place? 

The courses take place twice a year (Spring and Autumn) for 8 consecutive weeks with a group session on each Saturday. The Beginners’ course takes place at 8.00am or 9.00am; the 5k to 5 mile course takes place at 10.00am

What time on Saturdays?

There are two start times for the beginners course: 8.00am or 9.00am.

The 5k to 5 miles course starts at 10.00am 

How long does each session last?

Each Saturday morning session lasts between 1 to 1.5 hours. But don’t worry, you’re not running for all of this period! There is also a little ‘homework’ to be completed during each week in your own time.

Where do they take place? 

Meet in Dulwich Park inside Queen Mary Gate on the south circular. (See a map here.)

What should I do if I have any more questions?

If you’ve got any further questions, please feel free to email us at