About us

Dulwich Park Runners is a small local running club, managed by its members.

What data we will collect

In becoming a member of Dulwich Park Runners we will collect certain information about you which will include your name, date of birth, gender, email address, address, telephone number. We will also collect the full name, and telephone number of one emergency contact nominated by you.

Why we will collect it

We will collect and process your Data for the purposes of registering you as a member of Dulwich Park Runners and register you with England Athletics (EA). We will process it on the basis of legitimate interests. The legitimate interests are the interests of registering you as a member and to administer the sport.

In addition to passing and sharing your data with EA the use of data is likely to include the following activities:

–        Share data with club coaches or officials to administer training sessions

–        Share data with leagues, and other competition providers for entry in events

–        Processing of membership forms, renewals and payments

–        Share data with committee members to provide information about club activities

–        Publishing of race and competition results

–        Website management

–       Sending club newsletter

–        Sending information about selling club kit, merchandise or fundraising

Data retention

Data will be retained whilst it is necessary for the purpose it was collected. It will be deleted if you resign or one year later if you do not renew.


Members of the Club post photos of themselves and other runners on the DPR Facebook page (closed group for members) and Twitter (available to view by anyone on Twitter, and viewable on the website homepage while current in the DPR Twitter feed). If you do not want to feature in these photos please stand away. Photos used for our website will be posted with your agreement.