Club Rules

All clubs and societies need rules. Here are ours.

Rules of Dulwich Park Runners


The name of the Club is Dulwich Park Runners.


The headquarters of the Club is Trevor Bailey Sports Ground (South Circular), Dulwich Common, London, SE21 7LD


3.1 The object of the Club is the promotion of amateur athletics.

3.2 Club Racing Colours/Kit shall be defined as anything sold by the Club or, exceptionally, non-standard items approved by the Committee, bearing the Club logo.3.3 Members are encouraged to wear Club Colours/Kit in events in which they represent the Club.

3.4 Any member wishing to qualify in a Club Championship event, or to claim a Club Record, must wear an official Club colours top (as sold by the Club) in competing in the event in question.

3.5 Any member wishing to claim a Club Record must confirm their time to the Race Secretary and that the event was a UK Athletics/RRC overseas equivalent measured course.


4.1 The Management of the Club is vested in a Committee consisting of a Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary  and no less than 5 and not more than 10 other members, all to be elected annually, four (or, if greater, 40%) to form a quorum. The Committee has the power to fill any vacancy which may arise.

4.2 Election to the Committee shall be for a period of 13 months starting at the AGM in which the election took place. A committee meeting will be arranged within one month of the AGM to facilitate hand-over from the outgoing to the incoming committees, and both sets of committee members are expected to work together during this month

4.3 Members may serve on the committee for a maximum of three consecutive years in the same post, after which they must step down for at least one year before seeking re-election for that post. A member may only hold one committee post at any one time.


5.1 Membership of the Club is confined to amateurs as defined by UK Athletics whose rules as to amateur status shall apply to the Club. A candidate for membership must apply in writing on a form provided for the purpose and be supported by a buddy, who can be any member.

5.2 A senior member is one whose subscription is paid and is aged 18 or over on the date of election or 1st April in the Club year (as the case may be); a full member is entitled to participate in all Club competitions and to have full use of all facilities and privileges of the Club.

5.3 An intermediate member is one whose subscription is paid and is aged 16, but less than 18 on the date of election or 1st April in the Club year (as the case may be); an intermediate member is entitled to participate in all senior club competitions (within UK Athletics’ Rules) and to have full use of all facilities and privileges of the Club. An intermediate member is entitled to vote at Club meetings and to stand for Committee as Youth Representative.

5.4 A junior member is one whose subscription is paid and is aged under 16 on the date of election or 1st April in the Club year (as the case may be); a junior member is entitled to participate in all Club competitions which are not restricted to full members and to have full use of all facilities and privileges of the Club; a junior member is not entitled to vote at any Club meetings except with regard to the post of Youth Representative, nor stand for the Committee. Junior membership is subject to the written consent of a parent or guardian and to agreement by a full Club member to take responsibility for the junior at Club events. No junior under the age of 16 shall run unaccompanied at un-marshalled, predominantly senior events e.g. the Club Handicap.

5.5 A social member is one whose subscription is paid and is aged 18 or over on the date of election or 1st April whichever is applicable. A social member shall be entitled to the use of the bar to attend social functions and to attend meetings in a non-voting capacity; but shall not be entitled to stand for committee posts, or to take part as a runner in running activities.

5.6 A pre-junior member is one whose subscription is paid on the date of election or the 1st of April whichever is applicable. A pre-junior is entitled to take part in the Summer League and any appropriate fun runs for DPR. The parent or guardian concerned, be they full member, long-distance member, or social member, will be totally responsible for their child throughout the whole of any event they attend.


A member intending to withdraw from the Club shall give notice in writing to the Secretary, and his/her membership terminates on the date of that notice unless he/she is financially indebted to the Club, in which case the Committee may withhold acceptance of the resignation until he/she has discharged his/her liability. No part of a member’s subscription shall be refunded on resignation.


7.1 The annual subscription for the Club, which may be different for different categories of member, will be agreed annually at the Annual General Meeting in the light of recommendations from the Committee. Current subscription rates will be displayed on the website. Subscriptions will be payable on election and subsequently no later than 30th April each year.  If the Committee determines there are exceptional reasons for doing so, the Committee may agree to defer the payment date for subscriptions either for one, some, or for all members.

7.2 New members joining the Club on or after the 1st May will pay a pro-rata subscription of one twelfth of the annual subscription for each month or part month of the remaining Club Year. The date of joining the club will be considered to be the date on which a person attends the Club for the third time. Any new member joining in March of any year, will be charged the full annual rate, and their membership will continue uninterrupted until the end of March the following year – they will not be required to renew their membership in the April immediately following their initial joining. If an increase in the subscription is agreed at the AGM immediately following their initial joining, the new member will be required to pay the difference between the old annual subscription rate and the new one.

Any person will not be treated as a new member for the purposes of this rule if less than one complete club year (1st April – 31st March) has elapsed since the expiry of the last Club year during which they were a member. Accordingly any such person seeking to renew his/her membership must pay the full applicable annual subscription.

7.3 Any existing member or new member who joins DPR and lives more than 10 miles from the Club shall pay a reduced rate membership as a long distance member.

7.4 No member whose subscription is in arrears is eligible to take part in any competition promoted by the Club.

7.5 The Club year shall run from 1st April in any year until 31st March in the following year.

7.6 Any senior member renewing their full annual subscription, who at the time (i.e. 1-30 April) is in a limited financial situation, e.g. in full-time education, unemployed, of pensionable age, may apply for a grant to reduce their subscription by up to 50%. Application should be made in writing to the committee and should be supported by valid documentation e.g. UB40. Anyone who finds themselves in an eligible situation after having paid their subscription in full, may, after a six month qualifying period, also apply. Grants will be allocated at the discretion of the Committee.

7.7 With regard to the Club Joining Fee, entitled members may apply for an instalment agreement at the discretion of the combined decision of the Treasurer and Membership Secretary. All such arrangements shall be reported to the Committee at the next scheduled meeting.

7.8 All senior members, whether new, existing or long distance, will pay the full requisite fee for membership to the relevant national sporting organisation that has been affiliated to by the club, even if they pay pro-rata or concessionary Club membership fees. The details of the designated organisation will be posted on the website. This fee will be paid in addition to existing club subs but collected by the membership secretary concurrently. If a member has already paid the appropriate fee via another club subscription, they must provide the membership secretary with the relevant registration number.


8.1 All money belonging to the Club and not invested on behalf of the Club shall be paid by the Treasurer into the Club account at the Bank/Building Society to be named by the Committee.

8.2 The Chair or Treasurer and one other member of the Committee, shall be empowered to sign cheques on behalf of the Club, two signatures being required on each cheque. No signatory member can countersign sign a cheque made payable to themselves.

8.3 The Treasurer, with the approval of the Chair, may issue debit cards from the Club bank account to one or more Committee members from time to time and shall monitor the use of such debit cards.

8.4 Three full members shall be approved by the Executive Committee of whom two shall audit the accounts prior to the next AGM.


9.1 A general meeting shall be held during the month of March in every year to receive the Committee’s report and financial statement, elect Officers and Committee and deal with any other matter specified on the agenda. The Secretary must give every member 21 days’ notice of the meeting, and this Notice may be served by email, or by post where no email address is known. Notice of any business which it is desired to place on the agenda must be given in writing to the secretary 10 days prior to the meeting. The agenda must include provision for discussion of any other business raised at the meeting. Copies of the agenda and nominations are to be emailed to members and posted on the Club’s Facebook page (or any replacement or equivalent social media page no less than 7 days before the AGM.9.2 The Committee may make whatever arrangements they consider appropriate in the circumstances to enable members attending a General Meeting to exercise their rights to speak or vote whether attending directly or by telephone communication or by video conference, an internet video facility or similar electronic method allowing visual and/or audio participation.


A Special General Meeting must be called by the Secretary within 14 days of the receipt by him/her of a requisition in writing signed by ten members of the Club stating the business to be brought before such a meeting. All members must receive a copy of the agenda at least 3 days prior to the meeting


Voting at any general meeting shall be by a show of hands or by the appropriate voting mechanism on the relevant video conferencing tool, except in the case of election of Officers and Committee when voting shall be by secret ballot. Decisions shall be made by a majority vote and the Chair shall have an additional casting vote in the event of a tied vote. No proxy votes shall be permitted.


Nominations for Officers and Committee shall be proposed and seconded by two members of the Club, with the consent of the nominee, and submitted to the Secretary in writing at least 10 days before the Annual General Meeting. Lists of such nominations together with the names of the proposers and seconders, shall be displayed  on the Club’s Facebook page (or any replacement or equivalent social media page by the Secretary as and when received, or emailed to individual members at their request. No member can be nominated for more than 2 posts at the same time.


No alteration or addition may be made to the Rules except by an Annual General Meeting or a special General Meeting called for that purpose. Notice of any proposed amendment must be given as provided in Rule 9 or 10 (as the case may be).


14.1 If the Club is allocated entries for the London Marathon, these will be given, following a lottery for that purpose, to any member whose subscription is paid, on proof of rejection by the organisers of the London Marathon together with certification by the member that he/she applied for the race as a member of the Club. At the time of accepting the lottery number it should be the intention of the member not to defer their entry to the following year.
14.2 Any member who participates in the London Marathon (regardless of how they obtained their place), will not be eligible to enter the club ballot in the following year. Any member who is successful in the club ballot will not be eligible to apply again for the following two years.
14.3 If there are insufficient applications for the number of club places available in a year, rule 14.2 will be suspended, subject to instigation by the committee, for that year only.


A motion for the expulsion on grounds of behaviour prejudicial to the Club may be considered at a Special Meeting which has at least ten members present. A member subject to such a motion shall be given an opportunity to hear any criticisms voiced at the meeting and to state his/her case. A member subject to such a motion shall leave the meeting whilst voting takes place. The decision shall be by majority vote of those present, following which the member shall immediately be informed of the outcome. A decision on expulsion shall operate with immediate effect, without further redress, and without return of any part of the annual subscription.


If a decision is taken at a General Meeting to wind up the affairs of the Club, assets held by the Club shall be released to discharge all liabilities and any remaining assets shall be made over to a charity of the Club’s choice. The Club shall not be wound up unless the resolution is carried by 75% of the members present.