July 2017 Newsletter

Dates for your diary
2 July: Summer League – Dulwich Park *club championship 5 mile race*
4 July and every first Tuesday of the month: Handicap race
11 July: Club championship 1 mile race
16 July: Summer League – Regent’s Park *club championship 10km race*
20 July: Yoga
20 August: Summer League – Battersea Park
3 September: River Relay
7 September: Yoga
10 September: Eridge Park 10 Trail Challenge
1 October: Titsey Trail 10km cross country race
15 October: Cabbage Patch 10 mile race *club championship 10 mile race*
19 October: Yoga
12 November: 10km cross country race – Beckenham Place Park
23 November: Yoga
14 December: Yoga

DPR News

The Summer League is here!
The Summer League is an annual series of four to five friendly fixtures held by a group of eight like-minded London running clubs each summer. We compete for the Summer League trophy, which we have won several times in previous years. Each fixture consists of an all-abilities 5 mile or 10km race for adults (ages 15+); a fun run aimed at children under 6; a ‘tenderfoot race’ aimed at 6–14 year olds; relay races in which each leg is about 300-400m long and a picnic provided by the host club. More details are available here: http://www.thesummerleague.uk/
We’re two races into the Summer League series. The first event took place in Gunnersbury Park. We had a great DPR turnout with around 20 runners in the main race and four relay teams afterwards, as well as receiving several medals from the previous season (well done Gareth and Susan as well as several juniors). The race itself was a pleasant run through the park with a lovely wooded section.

Then on to Harrow where a small but select band of runners braved the heat for the second race. As usual, the race was mainly on roads around the park with the water pistol toting helpers just before the water table a huge help on such a hot day, although they looked to be enjoying their role just a little too much!

See below for details of the remaining Summer League fixtures.

The remaining dates for this year’s competition are as follows (all starting at 9.30am):

Date Location Distance Host Club
2 July Dulwich Park 5 miles** DPR
16 July Regent’s Park 10km** Mornington Chasers
20 August Battersea Park 10km Serpentine

**The Dulwich Park and Regent’s Park fixtures will be used as this year’s club championship races for 5 miles and 10km respectively.

Your support is requested this Sunday 2 July, either to run at any speed, or to help out as a marshal etc if you are injured or don’t fancy running. Help from family members is also gratefully accepted. Please contact Jo Hepworth on 07908092113 or Jhepworth112@gmail.com to confirm your offer of help.

If helping, please arrive by 8.15am to be allocated a job. It would be helpful for runners to arrive at 8.45am to help with set up.
Please could everyone bring a 2 litre bottle of water and either cakes or labelled, individually wrapped sandwiches or rolls. These will be shared with the other clubs.
f you have a pop up gazebo, in case of rain, it would be gratefully received.
If you have a picnic or pasting table, please could we borrow that on the day.
Please bring to the race start location, which is near the parkrun start location.
We will be taking club photos to put onto the website and possibly Facebook. If you do not wish to be in these photos, please remove yourself from the group at the time the pictures are being taken.
Let’s hope for a great day!
Thank you all, Jo

Dino Dash
And then it got hotter!

6 DPR teams took part in this year’s Dino Dash, including the fastest Emu with a lizard’s tail in South London. It was a scorching evening but still a great race around the park, followed by a well-deserved trip to a nearby pub.

Club Championship Races

1 Mile Race – Tuesday 11 July
This year’s 1 mile Club Championship race will take place on 11 July in Dulwich Park. We’ll meet as usual at the club at 7.30pm for announcements then head over to the park where we’ll do a warm up lap of the park followed by the race itself. We’ve reserved an area in the newly refurbished Crown & Greyhound for post-race drinks from 8.30pm.

5 Mile and 10km Races – Sundays 2 July and 16 July
We’re using the Dulwich Summer League race on 2 July as our 5 mile Championship Race and the Regents Park Summer League race on 16 July as our 10km Championship Race. In addition to all the other excellent reasons to come along, the 10 best age-graded DPR runners get a medal and there are double attendance points up for grabs.

10 Mile Race – 15 October
We’re heading back to the Cabbage Patch 10 for this year’s 10 mile Championship Race. This is a really well-liked race and is sure to fill up so you’re advised to sign up as soon as possible. Details are on the race website: https://www.cabbagepatch10.com/home

River Relay – Sunday 3 September
We had a really good response about the River Relay and based on that we’ve provisionally said we would field four teams again. We’ll be looking to firm up the numbers in July and then sort out the teams and logistics in August so if you’re interested there’s still plenty of time to let us know. Please speak to Paul or Derek on a Tuesday, or send an email to croasdale.paul@googlemail.com. If you’re able and willing to drive on the day, and content for someone else to drive your car for one of the legs, it would be really helpful if you could let us know.
For those of you who missed it in the last newsletter, the river relay is an event we entered last year which covers a marathon distance along the Thames in teams of 5 (so each runner races around 5.5 miles). It was a really popular event and in typical fashion was followed by a fantastic picnic which we’d hope to replicate this time around.

Men’s Cross Country Race Fixtures

Titsey Trail 10km – Sunday 1 October
We’re starting the cross country season early this year for the men and our first race will be the Titsey Trail 10km race on 1 October at 10.30am. We’ve never done this course before but it looks to be a beautiful run through woodlands. The race is a single lap course with a long downhill at the end and you get a free bottle of beer at the finish. What more could you want?

As with all men’s cross country races, as we’re not part of a league you’ll need to sign up online and further details are on the race website: https://oxtedrunners.org.uk/titsey-trail-10k/about-the-course/. Race entry is around £16 (including a processing fee) for England Athletic members.

As it’s a public race all DPR members, both male and female, are very welcome to sign up and come along. It looks as though it will be a lovely morning run so the more the merrier!

Beckenham Place Park 10km – Sunday 12 November
Although it hasn’t been announced yet, we’re expecting the second men’s cross country race to be in Beckenham Place Park on 12 November at 11.02am. After a two minute silence the race is a two lap course around the park. We’ve done this a couple of times now and this is a really lovely race, all off-road with plenty of hills and mud. After the race there’s even free tea and cakes. We’ll include a link once further details are available.

Non Club Event Race Recommendations
Many DPR members take part in races outside the club calendar so this section lists up and coming runs that others might be interested in. If you have a favourite race and would like to share it with the rest of the club, or have entered an event that others might like to take part in, please email Philippa (philippa_badnell@hotmail.com) with some information about it, and a link to the details. Some Dulwich Park Runners are taking part in the following events:

• On 10 September there is the truly wonderful Surrey Bacchus Half which takes place at Denbies vineyard in Dorking, in which many runners wear fancy dress and there are wine stops!
• Also on 10 September, a few of us have signed up for an off-road 10 mile race in Tunbridge Wells run by the Tunbridge Wells Harriers. This is a traffic-free, one lap course on tracks, grass and woodland trails. We’re promised lots of mud and hills and a complimentary pint at the end! Further details are on the race website: http://www.twharriers.org.uk/eridge-10-run/
• Mel Greer-Walker did a fantastic trail run in the New Forest in March with a company called Maverick. It was well-signposted with food and drinks on the course with beer and a bottle opener medal at the end. They are holding an event at Groombridge in Kent on 30 September. There are 7, 14 and 21km distances so it would be a great introduction for anyone fancying their first trail run or wanting to take on the challenge of a longer route. More details at http://www.maverick-race.com/races/theoriginalkent2017

Improvers Squad – Thursdays in July and August
Summer is here, and so is your annual opportunity to join the Improvers Squad without the basic minimum of 15 miles a week!

The downside is that it will be hard work, the biting flies will be there with us, and to get the very best of yourselves you need to commit to the whole 2 months. Some of us have been known to do the exercises whilst on holiday on the beach.

Thursday 6 July will be the first session when all will be explained, and then it’s all uphill from thereon (not literally – very few hills involved!). However, this is a really important session if you intend to join us for the summer. Besides the hard work and very little running, some of it is strange, but hopefully some of it is fun, informative, inspiring, and well worth your effort! We’ll cover motivation, technical/style, agility & mobility, balance, core work and specific strength.
Members are asked to sign up for the summer, with an opt-out by text if you are unable to come for one of the sessions, rather than the other way round! The sessions are suitable for all levels of runner – all you need to bring is the desire to improve whatever level you are at right now.
Most sessions will start at 7.30pm on the track, but maybe not all, so please make sure to sign up if you are not already a regular.
Please chat with Susan if you are interested in taking part. If you have any queries, please ask. Susan.l.smith@live.com / 079499 50291

Tuesday Night Warm up Sessions
If you would be willing to lead the warm up session on Tuesdays occasionally, please let Susan Smith know. Training will be available for those who need a reminder of what is involved.

Dates for running-specific yoga sessions are Thursdays 20 July, 7 September, 19 October, 23 November and 14 December starting at 8.00pm. The sessions are free for DPR members. Improvers Squad will move to 7.00pm those days so that runners can attend both sessions.

DPR Social Events
There are a number of social events throughout the club year. If members have suggestions for other social events or would like to get involved with organising these, please contact Anna Gregorowski, Social Secretary. All ideas and support are welcome!

DPR Club Kit
Please see Anne Cheeseman on Tuesdays if you would like to purchase any club kit.

**The new style ladies’ t-shirt is now available, priced at £20**

The following items are also available:

Summer t-shirts and vests

Short sleeve t-shirts (unisex): size 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42
Ladies’ vests: size 30, 32, 34, 36, 38
Men’s vests: size 36, 38, 40, 42
Price: £15 (free to new members)

Long sleeve t-shirts (unisex): S (36”), M (38/40”), L (42”), XL (44”), XXL (46/48”)
Price: £17

Sweatshirt hoodies (pre-order only)
Size: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 choose with or without zip
Price: £20

All club kit items are subsidised by the club.